This page contains links to free resources mentioned in The Anxiety Toolkit, plus some additional resources you may find interesting. Since links change from time to time, if you notice anything out of date here, please email admin(at)aliceboyes(dot)com and we will correct the issue.

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50 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Chapter 1 – Intro

Problem-specific Online Workbooks

Chapter 4 – Hesitancy

Heart rate app (free). Use in “continuous mode” which can be selected under settings. I also like this paid app for doing slow breathing practice.

How to enable undo send in Gmail

Chapter 5 – Rumination

– Free meditation downloads

Download these free mindfulness meditations from Dr Christopher Germer. Choose from breathing/body focussed meditations or kindness/self-compassion focussed meditations.

Chapter 8 – Avoidance.

“Stayfocusd” (no “e”) app to lock yourself out of particular websites after a set period of time each day.

Expensify app – for creating receipts for small purchases from credit card statements.

Centre for Clinical Interventions Example of Exposure Hierarchy for Feared Situations

Centre for Clinical Interventions Full Online Workbook for Panic Disorder

Chapter 9 – Managing your anxiety vs. living your life.

Cheatsheet of 50 Cognitive Distortions

Chapter 10 – Areas where people get tripped up.

Dr Kristin Neff’s Self-Compassion Quiz

Chapter 11 – Liking your natural self vs. tolerating your natural self.

Using your strengths in new ways – further examples

340 Ways to Use Character Strengths


PDF – Healthy Emotions Regulation Strategies Pyramid – The Food Pyramid of Emotion Regulation